Important! If you are on Windows 10, you urgently need latest Safe PST Backup update

Oct 5, 2018

Due to recent Windows October 2018 Update (Codename – Redstone 5), some system components were affected and unfortunately it causes issues with our products.

If you have Safe PST Backup version older than 2.72 (you can check by right-clicking Safe PST Backup tray icon > About Safe PST Backup ) backup will fail for the Calendar events and Tasks. Please update Safe PST Backup as soon as possible to make sure your backups are created correctly. Click here to download the latest Safe PST Backup version.

If you are facing issues with any of these products, or if you are having difficulty updating them, please contact us via LiveChat and we will be able to help.
We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience you had to experience.

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